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How Timothy Corrigan Dazzlingly Overhauled the Interiors of Beverly Hills Estate La Collina

Innovation has never been a byproduct of playing it safe. Just the opposite, in fact. Leaps of faith are where greatness lies. So it’s only fitting it took an equally iconic name to reimagine legendary architect Gordon Kauffman’s trend-bucking 15,000-square-foot Beverly Hills estate, La Collina, completed in 1924. Timothy Corrigan, interior designer serving royalty from Hollywood to Europe and the Middle East, was hired by clients with little desire to live in an abode exactly like their neighbors’. “They said that in LA, the creative capital of the world, they were very surprised that most homeowners don’t take any creative risks,” says Corrigan of the owners, who sought to honor the landmarked house’s history by updating it to reflect the Los Angeles of today.

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