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Beverly Hills – also known as “The 90210” – has always been a mainstay of popular culture. It has been immortalized by movies such as Pretty Woman and Clueless and shows like 90210. There’s a lot to love about the area so it’s not hard to understand why it became such an iconic location.
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Beverly Hills offers an incredible neighborhood packed full of luxury homes in Beverly Hills, internationally-recognized shops and restaurants, and more all within gorgeous Los Angeles. There’s a reason that so many entrepreneurs and celebrities choose to live here in their Beverly Hills celebrity homes.

Even though most celebrities work in Hollywood, they choose to make their home in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is considered the luxury capital of the world, which is just one reason that the elite live here. The area has been offering incredible real estate since all the way back in the 1700s, when Spanish explorers coveted what they called “El Rodeo de las Aguas” or “The Gathering of the Waters”; an oasis so desperately needed at the time.

Aerial perspective of luxury homes in the Copley Place, Beverly Hills, CA

The area was primarily agricultural for the next 200 years with a community built around the oasis. This had all changed by the 1920s when it became a hub of the elite. Before long, celebrities such as Will Rogers and Douglas Fairbanks called the beautiful Beverly Hills home. Even now, the area is home to the rich and famous, not to mention entertainment institutions including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science and the William Morris Endeavor Agency. “The Home of the Stars”, as some call it, is packed full of famous Hollywood homes to this day.

The main reason that so many people are interested in Beverly Hills luxury real estate is that the area offers everything one could want. It provides a prime location and an endless amount of amenities that make it one of the most convenient urban areas around, while still offering the luxury of Beverly Hills million dollar homes and Beverly Hills mansions for sale. Residents in the area are guaranteed to have all the privacy and security they want while also never being too far away from the amenities and local treasures they need. Beverly Hills luxury real estate comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles including Tuscan Villas, Spanish Colonial homes, Rural European, and traditional contemporary homes.

What to Love About Life in Beverly Hills

There’s a lot to love about living here, but some of the best parts are;

  • Top-of-the-range amenities
  • A rich culture and history to explore and enjoy
  • Stunning real estate
  • The ultimate combination of convenience and privacy
  • A tight-knit community of friendly people

The People and Lifestyle of Beverly Hills

While Beverly Hills has a reputation for being where the stars live (as evidenced by all of the Beverly Hills houses tour options where one can hope to see a celebrity), it has a tight-knit community that values loyalty and deep roots. As well as being home to the leaders of the entertainment world, there are many young professionals, entrepreneurs, and even retirees that call Beverly Hills home. Families are drawn to the area because it offers high quality education and plenty of parks to explore.

The 34,500-ish residents in Beverly Hills have an average median household income of over $150,000 – over double the national average. This explains why the average Beverly Hills house price can be so much. The community here is also exceedingly well educated, with over 60% of residents holding a Bachelor’s degree or higher in their respective field of study.

Beverly Hills Dining, Entertainment, and Shopping

The Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel located in Beverly Hills’ Shopping District

Anyone who is interested in fashion owes it to themselves to visit the famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Rodeo Drive is home to the best of the best including Ralph Lauren, Hermés, and Louis Vuitton. The Beverly Center is also home to some high-end stores including Prada and Gucci. The stores are set against an incredible building too. Both destinations include an assortment of friendly bars, coffee shops, and restaurants as well. Make a day out of browsing, eating, and shopping.

The dining options at Beverly Hills as a whole is nothing short of amazing. From the CUT steakhouse to the exquisite Maude, it’s no wonder that Beverly Hills has become such a big hit with the foodie crowd. As well as American dishes, the 90210 offers a wide variety of global cuisine to enjoy. From the Italian food of Il Pastaio to the French fineries of Avec Nous, to the Japanese delights at YAWAZA and tapas at Rooftop by JG, Beverly Hills has what you’re craving. Just looking for something sweet to round out the evening? Take a trip to Sprinkles and try out the cupcake ATM there.

Even if you live in one of the luxury homes for sale in Beverly Hills California you should check out the hotels and accommodations every so often. They are home to some of the best dining choices in the city. For example the Waldorf Astoria plays host to the Rooftop by JG mentioned above, and also Jean-Georges French restaurant. This five-star hotel provides much more than fine dining too thanks to a state-of-the-art spa, a salon, a pool, and so much more. It isn’t even the only luxury resort in town too as the Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills Hotel, and Beverly Wilshire can all be found right here in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills offers a lot of indoor and outdoor retreats to residents and guests. As a nature lover, you’ll want to hike along Franklin Canyon, where there’s a lot of greenery to take in and enjoy. For something a bit more relaxed, there’s the Greystone Mansion or the Beverly Gardens Park. Be sure to stop by the Beverly Hills Farmers Market while you’re at it. It’s here that you can get the freshest healthiest produce, among other treats and delicacies. For an enjoyable evening take in an outdoor concert at the Canon Gardens.

There’s always something special happening here in Beverly Hills. The calendar of special events is always full no matter the season. The Beverly Gardens Park constantly plays home to the artSHOW. This free show includes artwork provided by over 200 artists, along with beer and wine gardens for relaxing in. The Beverly Hills Film Festival highlights how the city is a top entertainment destination, particularly for movie fans. The film festival highlights the greatest and latest films and screenplays from upcoming and established creators. Beverly Hills also plays host to unparalleled winter holiday celebrations that have to be seen to be believed.

Schools in Beverly Hills

A view of Beverly Hills High School Gymnasium from outside

If you’re considering moving your family into one of the luxury homes for sale in Beverly Hills California then you no doubt want to know more about the education system. The good news is that the education system is just as high-end as the homes themselves. The public schools in Beverly Hills fall under the Beverly Hills Unified Schools District, which regularly ranks among the best in the state. Some highlights of the Beverly Hills education system include;

There’s also plenty of opportunity for secondary and tertiary education. The education here is so good that over 60% of residents in the city hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher for their respective field of study.

Beverly Hills Luxury Real Estate

The scene inside a luxury home with a pool in Beverly Hills, California

The luxury real estate market in Beverly Hills is one of the most acclaimed in the country. The properties here are among the most in-demand properties in all of Los Angeles. Just hearing the name “Beverly Hills” is sure to bring up images and memories of television shows and movies, not to mention the peaceful streets and incredible architecture that plays home to movie stars – as well as the social and cultural elite. Investing in a Billionaires Row mansion Beverly Hills is about much more than investing in a home and having an address – it’s about investing in the 90210 way of life; about being part of something incredible and exclusive.

Professionals flock to luxury homes for sale in Beverly Hills California because they offer a great location, being so close to the commercial hubs of the city and the incredible entertainment and nightlife choices. Families are interested in the area because it offers a calming and nurturing atmosphere and some of the best schools in the state. There’s one thing that every Beverly Hills resident can agree on though; it offers private and picturesque homes in a steady Southern Californian climate that allows residents to do the things they love whenever they want, no matter the season.

If you’re interested in Beverly Hills luxury real estate then be sure to speak to a Los Angeles luxury realtor who knows the area. Buying property here requires more time and attention as every element of the process; from searching for a home to closing on it and dealing with the competition is much more intense that with other homes. Be sure to deal with nothing but the best real estate agents to ensure that you succeed in your quest for a home in the hills. They will have the experience necessary to deal with all aspects of the home-buying journey and are able to serve any needs an elite homebuyer might have.

Get in touch with a reliable Los Angeles luxury realtor and see what lush properties are waiting for you in Beverly Hills! The Oppenheim Group has years of experience in the Beverly Hills Market. Contact us on [email protected] and we will find the Beverly Hills property of your dreams.

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