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Global Exposure

The Oppenheim Group will list and advertise your property in the top real estate websites in over 60 countries, with the advertisements translated in the native language.
60 Countries
100 International Real
Estate Syndication
2M Potential International
Impressions Each Year
400K Unique International
Users On
Per Year
Caimeiju Logo
The property will be listed on Caimeiiu (Asian MLS) and will be translated to Mandarin. Caimeiju can be found on top Chinese local search engines like Baidu, Google China, Bing, and Yahoo Taiwan.
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International Agents
A custom email will be sent directly to several thousand of the top international real estate agents working in the major metropolitan cities around the world.
Schematic Floor Plans
We work with several of the top companies in Los Angeles to create a custom floor plan which includes square footage measurements for your home. These plans will be available online to all prospective buyers, and print versions will be available during private showings, open houses, and broker opens.
3D Virtual Tour
We work with Mantis 3D to create a three-dimensional virtual tour of your property, allowing agents and prospective buyers from around the world to virtually walk through your home. We also create a top-down view for each level of the home, allowing the users a clear view of the property layout.
International Websites
Your home will be listed on dozens of the world’s most recognized international real estate sites. Each listing will be syndicated worldwide into more than 40 different languages, over 65 countries, and reaching more than 175 million potential buyers.
Wall Street Journal
The Oppenheim Group markets their listings in the European and Asian distributions of the Wall Street Journal.
Youtube Channel
Our custom channel advertises our active listings, with a video of your home.
Property Website
We will create a designated landing page for your property on our brokerage website, integrating international search engine optimization.